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Hi! I'm Kem, your Cleaning and Organizing Expert

    From a very young age, I've always been passionate about cleaning, organizing and interior decor. My bedroom was always immaculate and well organized by items mainly handmade by me. As I've gotten older, purging barely used items to simplify my living space was always a thoroughly enjoyable experience.


This desire to clean and organize ventured out into numerous friends and neighbors homes that were in some dire need of attention to reveal the homes true beauty and potential.  Doing this simple yet rewarding act of kindness resulted in heavy hearts and minds being lifted.


From there, Imperial Cleaning and Organizing Co. was born.

Cleanliness is Godliness


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                Imagine if you will, 25 years of stuff piled into 1 bedroom... I'll wait for you to conjure up that picture in your mind's eyes. It was overwhelming to behold each time I'd attempt to make sense of it all. The mounds of clothing, shoes, pocketbooks and accessories , I decided, nope, this is so much more than I can tackle by myself. Day after day the pile grew more out of my control. The room was bursting at the seams. I brought in a professional Household Engineer with many years of experience cleaning Mansions to a 34,000 member mega Church. I thought surely, she would be able to help. After all, it was just 1 bedroom. At the consultation, all I needed was for her to tell me what she would charge to discard some stuff and organize what remained. She took one look at the room and ran out of the apartment, her voice trailing in the distance; "No no, I can't clean that, that is too much. You got to get rid of some of that stuff!" And with that exclamation, she was gone.

Enter's Kem! She was unafraid. She immediately got to work. She was like a woman possessed. She lasered her focus, saw my needs and addressed them. She was so efficient, expeditious, careful and professional. In one week, she was able to give me my space back. I could hardly believe it. Twenty five years of clutter gone!  The very air returned to my space. I could not get over the fact that my cluttered 1 bedroom was livable again and  aesthetically pleasing. Kem worked well with me. She was able to gently get me to part with toys and other mementos I held on to from the time my son was a baby. As I write this, he is 25 years old. She explained that there were things in my closet that if I hadn't worn in a year, that I should donate them. The process was not at all painful. I thought it would be difficult to part with the stuff, but it wasn't. The end result was an unattainable dream, until Kem.

I would use Imperial Cleaning & Organizing again in a New York minute.

Anne Reid

Where do I begin. When I talk about Kem at Imperial Cleaning & Organizing :to be honest, I don't know where to start. As a busy single mom of three with many other responsibilities besides parenting, I find it hard to keep it all together. Choosing someone to help me clean and organize, I had to be comfortable with who was coming in to do the job. The emotional attachment I had to most of my items made it hard to actually get rid of but Kem made things easy.

She came in not only as a professional but as friend who took the time to listen and understand, but also gave solutions and strategies to fix the disorganization  and to curb it from happening again. She was not only patient with me as I went through the elimination process, but also gave me that gentle push when I needed it as well.

As we went through the various rooms of my home, I was not only proud but pleased at what we were able to accomplish. I absolutely cannot wait to have Kem and her team come again to reorganize the other areas of my home, so that I  can not only maximize space but breathe just a little easier  because of how light the space feels after they're through.

Thank you Kem for all you've done for my family by giving us back our home.


Candis Cumberbatch

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